Music is the boost for any athlete

Acea is one of the most important Italian power suppliers, and in the last years it has also been very active in the running world. That’s what brought to the development of a musical project, creating a series of tracks only with the sounds of water and electricity. Real energy-tracks, to be used during the race or during training sessions. Energy, because that’s all you need in sports.

100 - 120 bpm
120 - 140 bpm
140 - 160 bpm
80 - 100 bpm

Sine One

Producer e Dj

Sine was first noticed for his beats created for several Italian HipHop artists (Noyz, Coez, Colle der Fomento, Fabri Fibra, Club Dogo). Recently he was selected as testimonial for “Reemix” a music –project, created by Reebok and Vice Magazine, with the release of his first single "Like This". In 2012 he produced a new Ep for the Italian rapper Coez, "Senza Mani" and a new single for Noyz Narcos, "Attica", top of the chart on Itunes for several weeks, reaching over 2 million visualizations on Youtube.

Frenetik & Orang3

Producer e Musicisti

They are the rhythmical section and creative heart of Frank Sent Us, cooperating together since 2009, both as artists and as producers. They space from electronic music to rap to pop. They have also cooperated with Coez, Gemitaiz, Madman, Dop Dod, Salmo, Noyz Narcos, Tanta Roba records, Marta Gi, Marco Mengoni, Stef Burns and many more, both as group and as single artists. They are working on their first solo album: a project where electronic music blends into hip hop and other softer and more lysergic sounds. A new type of music, which they like to call "space hop".


Producer e Musicista

Funcis, has always been attracted by unconventional sounds. He is famous for his innovative live-electronic music project, Eterea Post Bong Band. Co-founder of the Skillaci duo, he also creates jingles for the Swiss radio, Rete Due.


Producer e Sound Engineer

Mauro Meddi is a young producer, arranger and mix engineer. He started working in the music production world at just 14 years old, first as dj followed by his first dance productions, broadening his knowledge and techniques becoming in the last years, also composer and sound engineer. AudioReel (electronic and pop), Critical Plus (Italian rap/pop) and Mad-D (nu-disco/funk) are his 3 music projects.

Acea Rome Marathon

At its 20th edition, the Rome Marathon is one of the most important running events in the world. For this year’s race, which will take place on March 23rd, there are already over 19 thousand people enlisted: 25.65% more than the previous year. The highest in the history of this event. But the most exciting aspect, is the number of countries represented: 123 including Italy, a personal record for the event. Together with the competitive event, which covers a distance of 42.195 km, there is also Rome Fun, a non-competitive 5 km race. The last two editions saw the participation of over 80 thousand people. Acea has been for years the Title Sponsor of this event, but this year they decided to spread their great energy to all the participating athletes too.


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